About TimberSmith

TimberSmith™ is the newest brand from The American Parts Company, Inc. (TAPCO®). TimberSmith™ is dedicated to providing the highest quality wooden rifle stocks available. After hearing the demands for a high quality supplier of wooden rifle stocks we sought to find a way to supply the need. TimberSmith™ vows to provide wooden rifle stocks for those who will not accept second best. Our commitment to quality can be seen through the superior craftsmanship in every piece we produce.

On top of our unmatched quality, every TimberSmith™ component is crafted in the United States. Being American made allows you to make your rifle better than new while adding Section 922r compliant parts to your rifle at the same time.

In May of 2010 we were proud to introduce our first line of TimberSmith™ premium wooden rifle stocks for the Romanian AK-47. The AK offering is available in Black Laminate, Brown Laminate and a Premium Red Laminate. We have since added the SKS rifle platform to our product offering. For the SKS we have Black Laminate and Brown Laminate in Thumbhole and Monte Carlo versions. All of the SKS versions are available in right handed models. Check back often as we look forward to offering more high quality wooden rifle stocks in the future.